Jungle Safari is a great attraction for any Mall/Shopping Center.  We are not just an ordinary petting zoo we are a REAL zoo!  Jungle Safari has Goats, Llamas, and a Belted Galloway calf in our petting zoo.  Also Jungle Safari has some very rare and majestic animals like Lions, Tigers, Monkeys, and a Siberian lynx on display.

We can attract an average of 4,000 to 6,000 people to a center in just 5 days, which drastically potentially increases the traffic and sales for the merchants of the center.  We have a wide variety of animals and activities that has proven to draw larger amounts of people to your center and to your merchants.

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Jungle Safari is a HUGE    DRAW  for any mall, shopping center, fair, festival, or special event
Jungle Safari's single most important thing is education, we do several FREE lectures daily and continuously talk with people through out the day and help educate them about our animals.

We take our business seriously, and are always professional, clean, educational, and at the same time entertaining, wholesome family fun.  Jungle Safari carries a $5,000,000.00 Insurance Policy and can additionally insure whomever needs to be.
Our promotion is great for shopping centers and malls as a good will gesture to the community. Our exhibit lets the community have a chance to see some of the most magnificent animals on the planet; which they may not other wise have the chance to see.  Most of the towns and cities where we work don't have a local zoo or even one within a reasonable driving distance.
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